The Gestalt Media editorial team is offering a limited number of spaces for essential author's services at reasonable (well below industry standard) prices for indie authors. This is our way of giving back to the writing community that has been integral to our success every step of the way.

A description of the services we offer as well as comparison prices with the most popular vendors is below.


($0.02/word - BookBaby, $0.012/word avg. Reedsy)

Proofreading is an essential part of the editing process and no final manuscript should hit the market without going through it, but there is confusion as to what Proofreading is vs Copyediting. The difference is easy to spot once you've seen the principles of each. Copyediting is the most important step in a manuscript's life cycle. This is where an editor does a dive into your work and identifies any errors, grammar mistakes, factual inconsistencies and awkward phrasing. A copyeditor makes the page read well. A proofreader should follow directly after a copyeditor and assure that all Spelling and Punctuation rules have been observed and any mistakes corrected before the manuscript goes to market. So whereas copyediting is mandatory, a good proofread can and usually will make all the difference in the final product your readers receive. 

GM Price: - $0.0075/word (62% off industry rates)


($0.02/word - BookBaby, $0.017/word avg. Reedsy)

Copyediting as mentioned above is the process of reading your entire manuscript and checking for grammar, sentence structure, assuring consistency and correcting logical fallacies or factual errors. A copyeditor's job is to make sure your finished novel is a clear and consistent product with professional sentence structure, accurate grammar rules and a clear flow of the narrative. A copyeditor can wear many hats but they will make sure the story you told is the star of the show and not the error you made on page 58 that Word didn't catch. Copyediting should always be done prior to proofreading to ensure the absolute best final product.

GM Price: - $0.01/word (50% off industry rates)

Editorial Review

($0.014/word - BookBaby, $0.015/word avg. Reedsy)

Editorial Review is a high-level analysis of your manuscript, generally very early in the writing process where an editor reads your entire work, establishes characters, motivations and consistency. An editorial pass is ideal for writers who know something is wrong with their story but aren't quite sure where the trouble is or how to fix it if they find it. Generally, Editorial customers have a great idea but need a little assistance getting the narrative to work through the proper story arc prior to writing the final draft. At GM, we'll give you a full read of the work you have now and provide detailed feedback on the most effective strategies specific to your work to raise it to its highest level.

GM Price: - $0.01/word (30% off industry rates)

Synopsis Assistance 

($49 ppg - BookBaby, $75 - 125 - Reedsy)

An average author can put down 100k words of dazzling prose and spend three or four pages describing the precise sensation of a dew-covered morning on a green field in a land that exists only within their own pages but ask them to tell you what their book or novel is actually about and they're going to draw a blank. This is because authors are long-form thinkers. We're trained to think in grand scale, and shrinking all that down to something that comes even close to capturing the breadth of the story contained within....impossible. We're here to help with that, using our experience writing and receiving countless synopses to make sure yours is doing its job, pulling its weight and presenting your story in the most enticing way possible.

GM Price: - $35 (72% off industry rates)

Query Letter Critiques

($49 ppg - BookBaby, $75 - 125 - Reedsy)

The query letter is an often overlooked and absolutely integral part of the publishing process. This is your first impression, your very first and often only chance to wow an editor or submissions agent with what makes you special. One done right can rocket you to the top of the slush pile and make the difference between becoming a published author and receiving a canned (or no) rejection letter. One done poorly can stop your progress dead in its tracks. It's no exaggeration that a properly executed query letter is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal when fighting the pitching wars. We're here to offer you a full critique, up to five pages of your query letter, a list of suggestions and rewrites to make it as strong as possible, and a second pass once you've reworked your idea to ensure your words are carrying all of the impact needed to grab the attention of even the most jaded editor out there. WE know what works because we see tons of queries and we've seen the mistakes.

GM Price: - $35 (72% off industry rates)

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