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2020: A New Year, A New Decade

Updated: Feb 1

Many people tend to view the beginning of a new year as a fresh start. A time to make commitments to things that are important to them. Others use it as a time to reflect on the past year, or in this case the past decade.

I asked each of the Gestalt Media team to share their thoughts on entering 2020.

Our lovely Witch,

Ryen Lesli

New Year’s Resolutions bore me…

The year is winding down, so everyone is scrambling to make their New Year’s resolutions. While I absolutely refuse to set anything in stone—for it is bad luck to do so—you’re over there swearing that you’re really going to lose weight this time, while saving your money and stop drinking.

Why do you have to make these grand gestures for tomorrow—when you’re still the person you were yesterday? Instead of setting yourself up for failure, instead of basing everything off of the person you think you should be or will magically become tomorrow, accept yourself as you are right now.

You’re beautiful

You’re smart.

You’re funny.


Life is fucking short. Stop waiting for tomorrow when you’re living today.

Blessings & Curses, whichever you have coming for you and as always, your Witch.

Anna Stokes,

the silent but super important partner

Hi. I'm Anna, the silent partner behind the scenes at Gestalt Media and the better and/or worse half (depending on who you ask) of Jason Stokes.

New Years is one of my absolute favorite times of the year! To me it is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished throughout the year and what you may have fallen short on. But best of all, it's a time to start the fuck over. I always feel as if I get a second chance and I can start over fresh with new and improved goals on January 1st.

While 2019 was not too bad and tons of things were checked off my beloved 5 year planner, "Get Shit Done" list, I'm ready for the clean slate of 2020.

A few of my New Year Resolutions for 2020 are:

*Continue full force with my stained glass artwork and improve my skills

*Work in more educational books in between all the murder and serial killer novels I normally read. Maybe I'll acutely learn something.

*Keep studying and practicing The Law of Attraction and calm the hell down and be a nicer person.

(For those who don't know Anna, I can't imagine her becoming a "nicer" person! She's already one of the nicest people I know)

*The biggest undertaking we are tackling this year is re-vamping my families farm and refurbishing a barn into a new and inspiring work studio for both Jason and I, on separate levels so I can watch my serial killer shows in peace.

I'm grateful for the people that have come into my life this year and I look forward to new adventures to come. Wishing everyone the best year yet. Be kind to one another. It will come back to you one hundred fold when you least expect it.

David Allen Voyles,

our favorite

author of horror

The wonderful folks at Gestalt-Media have asked their writers to share some reflections and resolutions for the new year as 2019 finally drags itself to a merciful end.

While I am not generally one to engage in popular traditions like making New Year's resolutions, I was struck with the idea that perhaps my thoughts might somehow inspire others as they mentally prepare themselves for another tortuous journey around the sun in this meaningless void we call life.

In that spirit I offer my personal list compiled after careful reflection of events that transpired this year:

Ten Resolutions for 2020

1. Bury the bodies. Actually bury them this year. Funny story--contrary to popular opinion, bears, coyotes, and other wildlife will not necessarily consume human remains left in the wilderness.

2. Don't use my own computer when expressing my constitutional right to free speech. Turns out the Secret Service doesn't appreciate hyperbole or irony.

3. Do not count on your own remarkable wit and sparkling personality to shine like Polaris through the starry abyss of social media. You actually have to clear, hoe, seed, water, fertilize, and weed that field. Who knew?

4. Never use agricultural metaphors. Or astronomical ones. Just don't.

5. Make more of an attempt to personally connect with my readers. Because without them blah, blah, blah.

6. Exercise my brain to ward off the inevitable memory loss associated with aging. Work crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, Sudoko, etc. to keep those synapses firing.

7. Tell your family and friends every day that you love them. One day you'll be needing them to take care of you.

8. Exercise my brain to ward off the inevitable memory loss associated with aging. Work crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and…what's that Japanese number thing…?

9. Get thirty minutes of aerobic exercise every d—oh, who am I kidding?

10. Resolve to make fewer resolutions next year. Ten? What was I thinking?

Wishing each of you much love and laughter in the coming year! (And a few delightful scares as I have two new horror story collections coming your way in 2020!)

Danielle Simmons,

the lovely Young Adult

author of EVOKE

In 2020 I want to focus on a couple of goals vs. resolutions.

By definition a resolution (a firm decision to do or not to do something) feels almost destined to fail because of their absoluteness.

Goals for me seem more attainable because even if you slip or fall short of reaching it, you’re not failing. When you don’t stick with a resolution it feels like a failure.

So, all this said...

My goals for the year ahead are as follows:

1) Be more mindful, not mind full

2) Focus on loving myself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving me

3) Finish two works in progress

4) To not feel guilty for saying no

Dawn Hosmer,

Author of Psychological Thrillers and Suspense

For many years, I fell into the trap of making a mile-long list of unrealistic resolutions that I was sure to fail at within the first week of the new year.

No more of that for me! I already struggle with self-doubt and anxiety. Why add to it with failure?

For the past several years, what I've done instead is chosen a word or two to help guide my choices and decisions (hopefully) throughout the new year.

This year I've chosen two words for myself to strive towards.


My goal for this year is to be more purposeful with my time, my relationships, my writing, my self-care. Really with my life.

It is so easy to do things without keeping my intentions or my purpose in mind. Because I have a chronic illness and my energy is limited, I want to use what energy I do have into creating the life I want. For me this means making healthier choices about how I spend my time (I'm looking at you, Twitter), what foods I choose to eat, how much sleep I get, what I spend my free time doing. I want to remember to ask myself many times throughout the day whether my actions are supporting my purpose and my goals.

I've been implementing this since the start of the year and I've found that asking myself that simple question helps keep me focused and more purposeful with my time.


Because of my illness, I also have to learn to offer myself some grace when I'm not able to meet my goals or fulfill my purpose. This year I want to do a better job at extending grace towards myself when I physically or mentally can't accomplish what I want to. But, I want to be purposeful in extending grace to myself so that it doesn't become making excuses for not reaching my goals. So, that's a fine balance.

I also want to be quicker to extend grace and forgiveness to people in my life. We're all just human and doing the best we can. Sometimes, I need to remember that a bit faster instead of expecting perfection from those I love.

I'm looking forward to 2020 being a year of fulfilling my purpose with grace.

Jason Stokes,

founder of Gestalt Media (our fearless leader)

New Year’s represents a new opportunity; but, to me, every day is that. Hell, 3 o’clock on a Wednesday is as good a time as any other to change your way of doing something, your approach to life, or how you’re going to live from here on. That being said it is a convenient starting point to keep track of things and that’s usually what I use the new year for, tracking changes.

It’s wonderful to stop and take stock of where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where you’d like to be this time next year. It’s a reminder of a new beginning and I think it’s a cool way to put the last 365 days in perspective. So I guess more than anything I use New Year’s as a chance to check-in and see where life is for a minute. To appreciate everything that has happened and get excited about what hasn’t come yet but will, maybe sometime in these next 12 months.

With Gestalt Media, it’s a new calendar year which means a publication schedule and I get to look forward to the exciting releases we have planned for 2020. That keeps me motivated to do all the day to day things that come with this business because I’m legitimately excited to help bring these titles into the world. We’re exploring new territory with comic and graphic novel releases, expanding our podcast presence, as well as adding a series of new YouTube videos. We’re also going to expand into made for audiobook titles that stretch the limitations of that medium and try something a little new. All in all, it’s looking to be a very big year and I can’t wait to be part of it.

From all of us at Gestalt Media - Happy 2020!

Wishing you a year full of things that bring you joy!

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