Attention Artists!

Gestalt Media is holding a competition to seek out the best in indie artists and illustrators. The contest will involve a single page script of a comic/graphic novel. Each contestant will interpret that page in their own style and submit their final work (pencil drawing, digital, pen, color, what have you) to All artists are welcome!

The winner will be chosen by a vote held on The top choice will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Now the important part: ALL entries will be considered on basis of style and fit with current projects and be considered for upcoming collaborations from Gestalt Media. We want to see the best you have to offer. Feel free to take chances, try something new, alter the script (within reason) if needed to get the vision across. As long as the intent remains. Spread your artistic wings.

The contest will run from December 10, 2019, until Mid-January with a tentative cut-off date of January 15th for submissions and award announcements on February 1, 2020. Multiple submissions in different styles are welcome and encouraged. If you know someone perfect for this contest, tell them about it! Let's get the word out so we can encourage as many upcoming artists as possible to get seen.

All entries will be displayed on the Gestalt-Media website indefinitely with links back to the artist's portfolio (when provided).

Please note: by entering the contest you agree to let Gestalt Media in all its forms display your work as it sees fit in connection with this contest. Attribution will be given on the original post and displayed with the work during the voting process. Gestalt Media retains the right to use the work in its original form as needed in connection with the contest. Artist retains all rights to the work not stated above.

Note: Our stories tend to carry a darker tone (but not always!) and relaying that to the page is a nice bonus.

The Script: your task is to bring this page to life.

PAGE ONE: Five Panels


Close up, bottle of pills. ( alprazolam (Xanax) )

PANEL TWO: (morning)

Vanessa. Blonde, mid-twenties, athletic. Close in. She looks into the sink, a little dazed. It's been a long night.


Wider shot. Vanessa leans over the sink in underwear, supporting herself on its edge. she is struggling to start her day.

Vanessa: Come on, Van.

A cell phone buzzes on the sink ledge.


Close up of a text message.

Message: Hey, free tonight? Big news.


View from the bathroom as Vanessa leaves to get dressed. Flicking off the light behind her. There is a bedroom in the next room. Window on the left, bed to the right. (if seen at all).

Vanessa: Get it together.

Send submissions as jpg files to:

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