Gestalt Media: An Indie Love Story

     At it's heart Gestalt Media is a love story. One that involves every person that has ever picked up a pen, or sat down at a typewriter or booted up a computer screen with the expressed intent of somehow transferring a story that clamored to be told from their own initial concepts to a full fledged, honest to God written experience. 

     For everyone that has ever felt the burning desire to create worlds or entire universes and then populate those universes with three dimensional characters that live and act and breathe, this is for you. 

     Gestalt Media exists to be a place where these stories come to life. Where the boundaries of the past are tested. The tried and true stands alongside the fresh and experimental and maybe even a little dangerous. We are a venue for storytellers to meet their audience. For artists to hone their craft and for creators to bring their dreams to life.

     Watch this space to find in depth articles related to the craft of storytelling.  We don't limit ourselves to the tag of writers because there is so much more that we can do. We are story tellers, creators of worlds, spreading our unique vision to the world. 

      For everyone with a story inside, waiting to get out. This is for you.

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