Haunted: True Tales of the Paranormal - Why it Matters to you

If you've been following along with us at all for the last couple of weeks, you've seen this specific piece of art, the creepy countdown, the massive push to get this SPECIFIC project noticed on all of our social media channels.

So....what the heck is it and why does it matter?

Haunted is a lot more than just scary stories, and it's more important than just another Kickstarter. Haunted is a vision of something Gestalt Media wants to become, and in the reality of independent publishing, it's also the only way we're going to get there. Specifically, it's by creating something unique, producing top quality materials, and relying on our fans to tell us what they want to see more of.

Haunted is an audiobook of true paranormal encounters told by the witnesses who experienced them in their own words. It's a stripped-down, raw and intimate interview that we're sharing with you with no intermediaries, nothing in between you and the storyteller. It's how we want to approach the new age of media and entertainment. We want to come to you directly and give you something you can't find anywhere else.

Gestalt Media started out by crowdfunding our pre-sales and letting the fans show us what they were interested in. What you are interested in. And we think it's important to continue that trend. Publishing is a brutal business and independent publishers don't stick around long. We discovered quickly that there was no place for us in the big game where established labels have already priced out the competition and the cost of entry would bankrupt many before they even got started. But we don't want to be part of that world either. It's not who we are. We are independent because we believe in the values of the creator-owned projects and started this whole thing on the back of a charity anthology, choosing to give away 100% of the profits on our bestseller right out of the gates. We also offer extremely generous royalties and we keep our authors involved in the process from taking a hands-on approach in cover design, to approving marketing materials, to suggesting new venues for their own personal platforms. We are at our hearts creators, artists, idealists even.

With that in mind, we have expanded our reach into places where we can be a part of the community and continue producing great content without fighting for ad space on the giant sites and shelf space in stores that insist on unsustainable discounts just for that right. We've launched a series of podcasts. Dark Corners with David Allen Voyles and Into the Unknown with Jason Stokes. We have a quickly growing YouTube channel. We're in the process of launching a series of creator-controlled graphic novels to delve deeper into the worlds of our talented authors and we've launched a very successful Short Story contest that gets hundreds of votes a month (thank you so much for that) to support the #WritingCommunity. We've also launched the Gestalt Media Creative Community Facebook Group to support, encourage and discover new talent so we can be a part of bringing even more excellent work into the world, even if it isn't under our 'banner.' To be brief, (too late) for us it's all about creating something worth creating and helping the community we're proud to be a part of grow.

So why Kickstarter? Because that's where the fans are. That's where the community gets to make the decision on what they believe in, and we believe it's the most direct route to providing the kind of content you want to see in a way that's sustainable for us. Because without you, we won't survive. So why not cut out the middle man so we can give you kickass campaigns that you can rally behind, and in the process free up resources to make each new product we launch bigger and better than the last, passing on the value to where it matters most, the fans.

We'll continue publishing books. We have a house full of extremely talented writers with new work coming out all the time and we're excited to bring that to you. Dawn Hosmer's third novel Somewhere in Between kicks off the 2020 season with a bang; but trust me, there's a lot more coming. But to keep going, to keep bringing these projects to you, and keep growing the indie influence we are all such a huge part of we need you to spread the word, pledge whenever you see something that speaks to you and keep the spirit that Gestalt Media was built on alive.

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