Renovations and Revisiting the Past

Something I’ve always been interested in is DIY projects yet never had the confidence to jump into really large daunting jobs. I see the shows and the Pinterest posts and think how great it looks but mine would probably be one of the “fail” threads because it would look so amateur. Well, that attitude is quickly changing.

After experiencing not 1 but 2 floods in the past few years in our art studio area and not having the funds to hire a professional to replace our floors my husband and I began the trial by fire in home improvements. After the first storm that ruined our wood laminate floor, we decided to learn to lay ceramic tile. “Go ahead, bring on the rain now!” Totally kidding mother nature. Please have a little mercy on us. So we read and watched as many tutorials as we could and then we jumped into the back-breaking and tedious job of the hell that is ceramic tile. After one room and several smart ass comments and disagreements, we eventually completed the second room and at the end had an incredible sense of accomplishment and pride. With that experience, it brought more confidence going forward.

Out of this seemingly horrible mini natural disaster, I became pretty efficient with a tile saw. Now that I look back I see that it inspired my interest in stained glass artwork. 2 years later, hundreds of YouTube videos and glass saw I’m now creating artwork that I would have never imagined myself tackling before.

It’s an excellent sense of purpose to have DIY projects in the pipeline now. We live on a farm that has been in my family for quite a long time. The barns and sheds that used to light up at 3:00 am 7 days a week and housing a busy dairy farm have been dormant for many years. Thankfully we have just enough knowledge (to be dangerous) and enough motivation to take on this challenge. We plan to remodel the old “milk house” giving Jason an area of his own upstairs for his artwork and one for me downstairs to hopefully improve my glass skills. But what it all boils down to is I want to maintain my family’s legacy on this beautiful farm even though I didn’t choose to be a farmer. I hope the 2 generations looking down are proud of me for coming back to my roots and making something out of the buildings they themself walked through before I was born.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Repurpose and recycle projects can be so fun, show off your creativity and are good for the environment. You may be very surprised by what talents may come shining through. Google & YouTube are your friends. Learn from mistakes and every project will turn out better than the one before.

Show me pics of your projects, home improvements or landscaping ideas etc. I’d love the inspiration.

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