Happiness is begining on "page 1" of a brand new book! And we hope for an incredible story to keep us entertained right up until "the end". These a perfect and unique gift for the book lover in your life. 12mm (approx 1/2") glass cabachons give the text a slight maganified/3D look that brings it to life. Stainless steel earrings featuring the text "pg. 1" on one earring and "the end" on the other. Your choice of stud or fish hook in one of 2 fonts available. 

**Free gift wrap available for this product upon request** 

Page 1/The End Stainless Steel Earrings

Jewelry Type
  • Small pieces can become a choking hazard, keep out of reach from pets/children.

    As with all handcreafted jewelry, carefully transport, wear, and store your item. Although your item is made with high quality stainless steel, the posts are delicate and will snap/break off when exposed to excessive pressure and/or heavy items. Keep your earrings away from moisture and water. They are not waterproof. Please avoid contact with hair products, lotions, etc.

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